Monthly Archives: November 2012

Take My Breath Away

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”.  Maya Angelou

There are a number of female writers I absolutely hero worship.   Maya Angelou, is right up there for me…one of the shiniest of stars.    Maya, you always “kill me softly with your song”…”take my breath away”.   Maya’s words are like beautiful soothing songs….lullabies of the heart.  I wonder if any of her words have been set to music?

I am a sucker for beautiful lyrics and romantic ballads.  Many years ago, whilst working as a stewardess, I visited the island of Menorca.  It was there in a nightclub where I first heard a beautiful ballad by a singer called Riccardo Cocciante, called Bella Sin Alma.  This song absolutely blew me away. I still love it with a passion to this day.  It’s right up there for me with all the greats…Brian Adams “Everything I do”, “You are so beautiful” by Joe Cocker, “Stand by Me, Ben E King….you probably get the gist…

Riccardo’s song cost me and my fellow stewardess companion dearly on that trip.  We were due to fly back to London, but decided to go back to the club one final time to hear Bella Sin Alma before we left.  By the time we reached Mahon airport, the gate for passenger boarding had closed.   Despite desperate pleas to the captain, he was unwilling to let us on, last minute.  Perhaps knowing we were crew, he decided to teach us a lesson.   The plane took off without us!  We couldn’t get another plane off the island for 5 days.  Plenty of time to hear Bella Sin Alma time and time again.  Riccardo, you have a lot to answer for…although I never tire of hearing that beautiful song.  It still sends me crazy!  I would probably do the same thing all over again…beautiful moments, as Maya says, that take our breath away, golden memories, stored away forever in that treasure chest of memories are…well…priceless.

Being is Becoming

Train journeys are perhaps the most romantic of all journeys. A source of inspiration for dreamers and for seekers.    Places where past, present and future are woven and interwoven.  Paulo Coelho’s book, The Aleph, a record of his journey across Siberia, has set on fire my passion to share my personal memories, dreams and reflections.  Dreams that are taking form, shaping, reshaping …providing a sense of destination, predestination and completeness.    Dear friends and fellow travellers, as I start this journey,  right here, right now,  I invite you to join me on the journey of a lifetime…a celebration and a homecoming…

My passions are many…I am a passionate writer…a lover of words, language and communication…but perhaps even more so, I am passionate about communication beyond words,…where language no longer separates or differentiates us…the place where true connection lies…where we are all One.    It is a place where we let go, we let flow and we let love…a place where Being is Becoming and it’s the only place to ever Be.  The place where Being is receiving and it is giving, where stillness is the only action required, where night and day meet as One.