Being is Becoming

Train journeys are perhaps the most romantic of all journeys. A source of inspiration for dreamers and for seekers.    Places where past, present and future are woven and interwoven.  Paulo Coelho’s book, The Aleph, a record of his journey across Siberia, has set on fire my passion to share my personal memories, dreams and reflections.  Dreams that are taking form, shaping, reshaping …providing a sense of destination, predestination and completeness.    Dear friends and fellow travellers, as I start this journey,  right here, right now,  I invite you to join me on the journey of a lifetime…a celebration and a homecoming…

My passions are many…I am a passionate writer…a lover of words, language and communication…but perhaps even more so, I am passionate about communication beyond words,…where language no longer separates or differentiates us…the place where true connection lies…where we are all One.    It is a place where we let go, we let flow and we let love…a place where Being is Becoming and it’s the only place to ever Be.  The place where Being is receiving and it is giving, where stillness is the only action required, where night and day meet as One.









  • So happy to see you ‘birth’ this creation into the world Chrissy. I look forward to reading your words of wisdom and your reflections of life and love.

  • Love this mindset Christina – Being is Becoming! Powerful! looking forward to following along on your journey.

    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Feels like there may be some incongruity in being is becoming mindset to here to there and would be very interested in your perception.

      • Very interesting observation Christina! I personally don’t see any incongruity between the two, but rather see them as working together. In my life coaching business, I help women discover who they are and how God has gifted them and walk alongside them as they explore creative ways to use those newfound gifts. Many, many women have spent their lives listening to voices, both internal and external, telling them who they “should be”. As they discover instead who “they are” and begin to relax in just “being” themselves, the gaps began to close in their lives and they can move forward from where they are now (here) to where they truly want to be (there) as they live their life authentically (perhaps for the first time).

      • Thank-you for your insightful and generous reply and the gentle reminder that incongruity never exists anywhere other than in the mind, or in my case, in the semantics! I doubt that Heretohere coaching would have as much resonance with clients looking to create changes in their lives:) I’d better stick to my writing!

        On a more serious note, I truly admire the fact that you put God, gifts and business together in the same sentence. I so agree that in a world of inner and outer confusion, ‘political correctness’; our futile attempts and scramble to please ‘everyone’, we end up pleasing no-one, least of all ourselves. And it is easy to lose sight of that which matters most. It is not a luxury, but a necessity to communicate through the talents that are God-given to us. Although you talk about women being particularly prone to the ‘should be’ in life, experience tells me that the issue of finding authenticity, meaning and purpose in life is not gender specific.

        I have tried to link to your coaching blogpost without any luck, all that comes up is technical blurb, which certainly does not do you justice. I very much hope to hear from more you and look forward to sharing and enjoying our blogging journeys together.

  • This post resonated with me, particularly your thoughts of going beyond words. As a writer, I often long to find “the words” to express the feelings and thoughts. But so often, there are none. and so I write around it … attempting at least to create a space where it can exist and where people want to go. that’s what you did here, I think. And the picture at the end is perfect. Did you crate it? I love it!

    • Thank you for taking the time to write and for your kind comments Barbie. I so agree that words are little more than a vessel or a space for our thoughts and feelings to set sail in. The real beauty is when words resonate and light up someone else’s vessel…that way we may get a veritable flotilla going! What a lovely thought.:)

  • Thank you for your kind comments and words of encouragement, Christina. Don’t just stick to your writing – I find discussing differing viewpoints stimulating and an opportunity to learn from others.
    I needed your gentle reminder that finding authenticity, meaning and purpose in life is not gender specific (as I tend to overlook that since I work with women). Also, your insightful sentence which reads: “It is not a luxury, but a necessity, to communicate through the talents that are God-given to us” really reasonates with me when framed in such a powerful way.
    I too, look forward to sharing thoughts and insights on our blogging journeys.

    Thank you for letting me know you can’t link to my blog – I have tried to fix the gravatar and hope it works now. 🙂 We shall see.
    If not, the link is

    • Hello Terry, such a joy to connect with you and to see you! I love your blog, your clear mission statement and your inspirational website. I feel deeply privileged to be connecting with you and your Pastorate community. I love our worlwide Christian community as well as our interfaith community. My writing has had a bit of a hiatus lately, but I plan to be back to the ‘writing-board’ next week. Meantime sending much love and best wishes.

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