Monthly Archives: December 2013


The jaw-droppingly beautiful Carols by Candlelight service at Holy Trinity Brompton yesterday evening really touched my heart.  The spirit and the joy of Christmas has once again been ignited.  Decorations, celebrations, adornments, the trappings and the fineries – all of these are empty and meaningless, unless the heart is full and our thirst quenched;  love’s eternal flame lit.

There is nothing quite like Christmas.  Like freshly sparkling, sprinkled snow, it sneaks up by surprise, casting its magical spell, again and again and again.  Not only is the Christmas story one we never grow tired of, but like Aladdin’s unfurling carpet, it is a vehicle to grow in innocence with.   This is the miracle and the paradox of Christmas – the abundance of simplicity,  the awesome wonder –   Christ the child, alive deep within the human heart, within each one of us; Christ the human-kind.  The beauty, as always, lies not in complexity, but in its very simplicity.  Each day is a fresh page, full of magic and potential. Every day is a Christ-day.


How lucky am I to live on this heavenly laden land?

Where love resides, wherever I look,

Wherever I stop, wherever I turn.

How joyful am I to rise to the changing colours of dawn?

To silence so sweet, to skies so rich,

To tender harmonies of morn.

How thankful am I for all that was, that is and is to come

For all that exists, in this sacred space, now and forever

In and on this gloriously earthy magnificent physical place.