And my prize possession is…Old Bear, Mrs Ted


Mrs Ted, affectionately known as Old Bear, has been my soul companion for practically all of my not-so-adult life.  Never has there been a more loyal, earthly friend who demanded so little and gave so very much, although many have been close pretenders.

It was absolutely love at first sight.  Right from the start, we spent many a hour huddled together under the dining room table.  Two lovers, shut away from the alien adult world.  There, in hiding, we played endless imaginary games, creating scenarios and characters to go with the booming voices and grown-up conversation rising above our heads, until sleep overcame us both.

Infinitely patient and tirelessly kind, Mrs Ted was a willing participant in a vast number of experimentations.  When we discussed ‘what we might do when we grew up’, we thought hairdressing might be an attractive option.  Mrs Ted was my first client and proudly carries her bald patch as a badge of honour to this very day.  Somehow, her hair never grew back and we made a joint decision that exploring further career options might be a good idea.

A natural linguist, Mrs Ted acted as my interpreter on my first day at school aged four and three quarters and as a highly skilled mediator for a long time afterwards.    When none of the other school children would communicate with me and absolutely nothing made sense,  Mrs Ted was there to make sure I was never lonely or left out.

Old Bear is a great home maker and still adores family get togethers, especially when elders and little ones come to play.  She loves all things beautiful, has exquisite taste and is frequently called upon for fashion advice and to answer “does my bum look big in this”  type questions.  These days she prefers to stay at home and hear all the news second hand, rather than do any long distance travelling herself.

Mrs Bear you are unique.  The beautiful treasure trove of memories that we continue to weave and create are beyond all that this earthly plane can ever offer.  Thank you for being in my life.  Yours ever faithfully….Christina



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