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Coming Home




“We learn by going where we have to go”  

Theodore Roethke


This is joy, this is bliss

Still silent presence

Growing into ourselves

Becoming comfortable in our own skins

These hands, these feet, this body, this space, this time

Every time


Always conscious, always awake, 

Amidst the golden backdrop,

A shining star amidst a sea of stars

Alone and never ever alone

We follow the Star, the Star of Bethlehem

Where we find home

Again and again and again

Time immemorial



Wasted Days Wasted Nights

In response to Krista’s daily prompt  of today, “looming deadlines and how to deal with them”, I binned the negative thought pattern associated with ‘looming’ and ‘deadline’ a long long time ago.   When the context is changed, the content follows.  Writing is a joy, not a burden.   The ‘To Do’ list has become a ‘To Love’ list and I feel inspired, most of the time.      If the flow is not happening, I walk away.  Take a break.  Go and smell the roses.  I wait for the idea whose time has come.  Writing and work are not life and death matters.  Wasted Days, Wasted Nights?  Never!   Losing yourself in your imagination can frequently be the best place to hang out.    Days and nights are never wasted.   

Simply Ben

Morden Park 006

Here I am dear lover

No worries

Keep it simple


I see you

No matter



Here I am dear lover

In my tracks

Right here






Stay now

Play now

Don’t run away


The world is too much with us

It’s just you and me


Let everything else

Drop away



Glorious Ruins


Things fall apart

And buildings crumble

When stories outgrow

These temporary walls

Fragmented lives

Stopped in their tracks

Frozen in time

Ghostly musical statues

These glorious ruins

Have waited too long

In shrieking silence

For music to begin

The orchestra is poised

The curtain is rising

Light is falling

Upon the shadowy statues


Let the music play

Creation and re-creation

A never-ending story

With an interval continued far too long


Circa Midnight


Today, aujourd’hui

Coming to a close

Circa midnight

Energy, enthusiasm

The frenzied dance of desire

Crackling flames of golden fire

Hands stroking hands

Transforming red hot flames

Into sweet tenderness


Coming to a close

Forever wrapped in the ribbon of today

Peace mon amour

At the stroke of midnight


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