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“Hearts were broken”

 La Pieta, Frances Ernest Jackson (1872-1945), St James Church, Piccadilly, London

‘Hearts were broken’ is dedicated to all the nameless, blameless, faceless and shameless, those who have loved and lost;  in other words, all of us, possibly, probably…one way or another.  In memoriam.


Viewpoints are many,

Consequences the same.

The path tried and tested,

The road less travelled,

The lucky/unlucky draw,

Hearts were broken.

Knowing, not knowing,

Just saying, not saying,

Denying, crying,

In denial, lying,

In time, past time, ahead of time

Hearts were broken.

Another time, another place,

The sirens call a familiar face.

Just do it and screw it,

Take your time at a slow pace,


Never…ever… forget to remember,

Hearts are broken.

Hearts made to be broken

Scattered, splintered, shattered

Put back together

Piece by piece

Until we are whole


One circle of love

Hearts are broken



Returning Home


Of one thing I am sure

This is my soul city

The city of spires

Of bells and smells

Of celebrations and processions

This is the Royal Road

My spirit dances here.

It never ceases to admire,

To be astonished,

To stare in awesome wonder

In sacred reverence

As its sweet mysteries unfold

Step by step on the Royal Road

This is the city of Kings

Built by kings for kings

The trumpeter’s melody playing regularly

To the heartbeat of the royal drum

Soul to soul whispering, speaking, silently

Can you hear its call?

This is the Royal Road