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So much beauty, joy and yes – love – that four-letter word, which our weary hearts become too cynical of. Let’s never get so weary that we can no longer see, touch, hear and feel the beauty of this life, this world. The beauty within ourselves and within each other. Nameste. xx

Richard M. Ankers - Author

The day seeks to burn its memory into our souls

Setting fire to the oncoming dusk

Scorching a trench of light between it and the gloaming

It is a reminder to the darkness that it is powerless

Incapable of resisting all that it means to GLOW

And that despite those few hours of night

A new day burns just over the horizon

Image courtesy Michelle Marie

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Being is becoming

Dawn breaks, the day unfolds.
A crisp, fresh, untouched page
To explore, wide-eyed and innocent
The beauty, wonder and miracle of today,
Oggi, aujourd’hui, heute, dzisiaj.

Here comes Alice in Wonderland,
Chasing, chasing, chasing the white rabbit,
Until falling into that blissful coma
of inspiration overload,
She knows that there is nothing ever to catch or grasp,
That there is only that one door, which opens to another and another and another…


The door of imagination, eager anticipation

And an endless array of white rabbits…

But oh what fun, what joy, to see, to touch,

To hear and feel so very much,

To rise and fall, to rise and fall again, to be…

Being is oh so very becoming.