Cyber space and ‘virtual’ life I am discovering to my increasing delight, has a great deal more in common with the physical world and ‘real’ life than I had ever previously imagined. The ability to connect and communicate with communities from all around the globe, to share and learn from one another, is truly magical. At the same time, I can feel myself being called to go deeper within, tune out the noise and distraction of the external world and really listen to my own inner voice of love. This voice resides in a place of innocence, an innovative, creative, fertile ground of imagination.  My desire is to share and communicate whatever it is that wishes to be expressed from this place I call Home, the Garden of Imagination. There is a space that being in this ‘not knowing’ creates, which is far greater than my rational, tunnel visioned, judgmental think tank can ever provide. This space called innocence is not only the bedrock of imagination and intuition, but a conscious field of potentiality, where intentions are set, choices made and creative germination and cross fertilisation takes place. It is a green and fruitful land.  As a writer, philosopher, spiritual warrior and a happily ‘incurable’ Romantic, (is there any other kind of Romantic?) I am naturally drawn to the world of mystics and philosophers. I love being curious and an eternal student, surrendering the need to know. Seeing what unfolds organically and exploring the sacred mystery. In this playing field, there is no divide and rule, only a realisation of joy and freedom in its purest, fullest sense…and more connection and synchronicity than I ever dreamt possible.  Whilst my focus lies predominantly in the world of creative imagination, I am equally excited and inspired by the spiralling courtship of Science and the Arts, the forging of new neural pathways and relationships.  Are we experiencing a comeback to Natural Philosophy, or are we witnessing something quite new, a marriage of Natural Supernatural philosophy? It certainly feels like we are living in unprecedented times. The Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, Romanticism, the Age of Reason, meeting us in the here and now.  Within this philosophical backdrop of time and space, here I am, here we are.      A very warm welcome to the Garden of Imagination.     


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