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My Father’s House


They say that home is where the heart is. I have no doubt that this is true. In which case my home was imprinted in my heart before I was even born. It is my father’s home, my grandmother’s home, my great grandfather’s home and for a short while, my grandfather’s. Despite efforts to deny it many times, this is also my home. Some things we decide in life. Other things are decided for us. This home belongs to the former category. My heart home never stops calling me to return home. It’s voice is relentless. Sometimes louder, sometimes a silent echo, but always there.

Physical places, you see, are not just physical places. They may appear derelict and abandoned to the human eye, but they are always inhabited. My home is a glorious ruin with a soul that cries out and a garden that needs tending. Soul tending sometimes feels like an overwhelming and fearsome responsibility. Until I close my eyes and listen to my beating heart. I imagine myself sitting in the grand salon at the piano with Frederic Chopin playing. Once again I am restored. I have returned home.

Returning Home


Of one thing I am sure

This is my soul city

The city of spires

Of bells and smells

Of celebrations and processions

This is the Royal Road

My spirit dances here.

It never ceases to admire,

To be astonished,

To stare in awesome wonder

In sacred reverence

As its sweet mysteries unfold

Step by step on the Royal Road

This is the city of Kings

Built by kings for kings

The trumpeter’s melody playing regularly

To the heartbeat of the royal drum

Soul to soul whispering, speaking, silently

Can you hear its call?

This is the Royal Road