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Intuition – A Love Letter

Twenty-two years ago, almost to the day, I attended a workshop run by a charming lady called Judith, a relationship counsellor, somewhere in north London. I remember the event being tremendous fun as well as profoundly useful. At the time, my first husband and I were in the throes of separation, or ‘conscious uncoupling’, as it is now more affectionately known. Uncoupling, even with the noblest intention in the world, demands a great deal of courage and a humble and contrite heart. In my case, it also called for a lot of self-help workshops. Fans of Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat, Pray, Love will know exactly what I mean.

This morning, I stumbled across a handwritten self-addressed letter in a tattered brown paper envelope. Inside was a handwritten letter, a note to self, dated 23rd October 1992. The beauty and clarity of the message startled me. There’s something about heartfelt transparency that cuts straight to the chase. This is what it said:-

Dear Christina,

You have learnt this week that you must really listen to yourself and act on your intuition, without thinking too much about what could or could not be. You have learnt the importance of sharing with people, of accepting people as they truly are and of accepting all the irritations and niggles you feel.

The important thing is to use your voice even when you feel that what you have to say is not as good, not as important as anybody else’s. You have learnt that holding on to sadness only reinforces it and does not set you free. You have learnt that you are now ready to leave the nest, but in order to do so, you must try out your wings and spread them out.

You have learnt that nobody else will love you if you do not love yourself. You have learnt that honesty and love is the answer to everything – and acceptance. And you have learnt that you have many gifts inside you that you must now put into practice without expectation and holding on to other things.

With love,
From me to you xxx

Twenty-two years is a lengthy passage of time. Yet if you subscribe to the viewpoint that

“life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away”

time is highly over-rated. Time bears no significance in the wisdom school of living and loving. In these past twenty-two years, a very happy second marriage and second ‘conscious uncoupling’, divorce has taken place. Another opportunity to deepen the practice of acceptance, surrender to what was and allow new pathways to emerge. My commitment to keep my heart open to give and receive loves continues to be my guiding force. Great teachers really do appear when you most need them. Darren Eden from Devon, a master in the field of intuition, has picked up the mantle from Judith, the relationship counsellor from north London. Great teachers are the ones who walk unfalteringly alongside you when you are terrified of drowning, encouraging you to let go and dive deeper. Great teachers never tell you what to do, but they will hold up a mirror to your very own soul.

“Listen to yourself and act on your intuition” continues to serve me well. In this age of ‘click click information’, there is only one place to go, one voice to listen to.

“To thy own self be true”

but remember, always, there is no need to be a hermit. The world needs you and deep sea divers need companions too.

Self-love and self-compassion is a second by second, minute by minute, daily, forever practice. It requires self-discipline, self-acceptance, oodles of patience, always peppered with a huge dollop of humour. In return we receive a priceless gift, the heart of who we are. As we continue to disarm, lay down our inner defences, what pours through is pure intuition, a God-given gift, the inner voice of love and the sweet nectar of all relationships. Intuition is Me-shaped. The source of intuition, like the source of the stream which leads to the river which leads to the sea, starts with Me.


The jaw-droppingly beautiful Carols by Candlelight service at Holy Trinity Brompton yesterday evening really touched my heart.  The spirit and the joy of Christmas has once again been ignited.  Decorations, celebrations, adornments, the trappings and the fineries – all of these are empty and meaningless, unless the heart is full and our thirst quenched;  love’s eternal flame lit.

There is nothing quite like Christmas.  Like freshly sparkling, sprinkled snow, it sneaks up by surprise, casting its magical spell, again and again and again.  Not only is the Christmas story one we never grow tired of, but like Aladdin’s unfurling carpet, it is a vehicle to grow in innocence with.   This is the miracle and the paradox of Christmas – the abundance of simplicity,  the awesome wonder –   Christ the child, alive deep within the human heart, within each one of us; Christ the human-kind.  The beauty, as always, lies not in complexity, but in its very simplicity.  Each day is a fresh page, full of magic and potential. Every day is a Christ-day.


How lucky am I to live on this heavenly laden land?

Where love resides, wherever I look,

Wherever I stop, wherever I turn.

How joyful am I to rise to the changing colours of dawn?

To silence so sweet, to skies so rich,

To tender harmonies of morn.

How thankful am I for all that was, that is and is to come

For all that exists, in this sacred space, now and forever

In and on this gloriously earthy magnificent physical place.


“People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.’ 

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

How many times recently have you heard the phrase, “we are living in extraordinary times?”  and how do you feel about it?   Do you give it any thought or shrug it off as a philosophical non-issue that you neither have time or inclination to consider?  Are you so busy getting on with life that you no longer care to think, or think to care?

I believe with all my heart and soul that what we think and believe about the ‘big’ issues in life – the ones that don’t seem to immediately touch our personal lives really do matter.  Furthermore,  I believe that we need not only to ask ourselves the question. “Do I believe we are living in extraordinary times?” but to explore it, play with it and reflect on it.

Why?  Because put simply, how deeply you care about this issue is directly linked to your capacity to give and to receive love.  

I believe that until each one of us fully accepts in our hearts and souls that we are living in extraordinary times, we are robbing ourselves and the world of our true potential.  I believe we are living in extraordinary times, because we are extraordinary people, who haven’t fully woken up to how extraordinary we are.  Our personal and collective learning is accelerating on a “need to know” basis.   The time has come for us not only to know this truth for ourselves, but to care and to share the truth of who we are.

So here I am.   A believer and participant in the extraordinary life.  Are you ready to believe and live an extraordinary life?  You are being called, even though it may seem like a far distant echo.  Put believing in the extraordinary on your ‘to do’ list.   For giving and receiving love is the very oxygen of life.  Do not wait another 10,000 years, hiding your inner beauty, saving your clothes for ‘best’, whilst your true passion and love pass you by and slowly ebb away with each dying breath.  Discover and live your passion, live the truth of who you are.

In the immortal words of James Bond, “Tomorrow never dies”.  Every day is a fresh page, but remember that  hodie, the present, the now, is all we have.  As we surrender to the now, we let go, let flow, let love.  We die a thousand deaths in our minds, only be reunited with our hearts and souls.


It is our task, one by one, to fully drop the protective veils we have covered ourselves with.  As we become fully conscious and awake, fully present, fully seen, we reveal our true inner beauty to others. And simply by showing up,  just as we are, we empower others to reveal themselves.  We return, fully naked, divinely human, restored to the Garden of Eden once more.   In having the courage and faith to reveal our ordinariness we become extraordinary.  In dropping our masks we resurrect, re-ignite the spirit within us and fan the flame of true love and eternal love once more.