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At the crossroads

Come sit and stay awhile with me,
Stay and do not fret.
Stay as still as still can be,
Courage! You’ve seen nothing yet.


Halt the frenzy, stop the fight.
No hanging in shame, receive.
Turn around, look up, look up, look up.
At the crossroads of heaven and hell
We sit

Come sit and stay awhile with me.

Digging Deep


Passion Week, Tuesday.  A brisk evening walk; flowing conversation; sunset, moon rise; with friends in the silent backdrop of glorious Herefordshire countryside.  Life is magical.  Life is beautiful.  This is the stuff that dreams are made of.   For all these things I am grateful, so very, very grateful.  

We are so many things, yet we are none

A daisy chain of crowning moments

A buttercup sequence of ‘love you, love you nots’

We are strong like oaks, guardians of the forest

Reaching upwards towards that vast expanse

We are soft and gentle willows, bending, flexing,

Caressing the ground with veils of tears

We are red hot suns and red hot moons

Taking turns to make star appearances

We are Each and Every One

Blinking, blazing, dancing, gazing

Unmissable, unstoppable

Coming Home




“We learn by going where we have to go”  

Theodore Roethke


This is joy, this is bliss

Still silent presence

Growing into ourselves

Becoming comfortable in our own skins

These hands, these feet, this body, this space, this time

Every time


Always conscious, always awake, 

Amidst the golden backdrop,

A shining star amidst a sea of stars

Alone and never ever alone

We follow the Star, the Star of Bethlehem

Where we find home

Again and again and again

Time immemorial