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Love, the common thread

March 15th, 2015, Mother’s Day, UK.
Love is our theme. Great Mother love. The universal umbilical chord of love that binds us, frees us, enables us to be who we are. As daughter, mother and grandmother, how I give and receive love is my greatest lifelong ongoing journey of enquiry and experience. It is an occupation which rewards beyond measure. Yet love also lies far beyond occupation, feeling state, or our own or others’ understanding of the how, the what or the why. And so today, regardless of our ‘status’, I honour us all – mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, sons alike for doing the best that we can. We are one and the same. I honour the mother in you as I honour the mother in me. I am enough.


There is a common thread running through the rivers of blood and the rivers of love, an invisible thread; love is our bond. It keeps us grounded deep to the bowels of the earth and enables us to soar high through the sky on a wing and a prayer.  Invisible to the naked eye, it is a mere drop in the ocean; that very drop without which the sea would not be the sea.  It is the one and the whole. Love has every name and no name. Nestled deeply in the cloud of uncertainty, love never doubts. Love is the familiar in the unfamiliar.   Love lies hidden from our judging mind’s eye; it remains ever patient, faithful, still and present, naked within our human heart.